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The Frame CV Generator is a Rack Extension Utility designed for generating CV signals with outstanding control and versatility while being easy and straight-forward to use. It aims to bring the power of Sequencer automation into the Rack, allowing for intricate movement as a sound design tool.

FrameCV is available now in the Propellerhead Store.

Ever feel like your sequencer is being flooded by automation lanes? Ever wish you could take control of movement in your sound while designing it in the Rack? FrameCV lets you control multiple parameters at once along independent curves, reducing sequencer clutter and opening new possibilities in the Rack.

Interactive Display

Use the interactive Frame Display at the heart of the device to set up a CV curve. Clicking and dragging on one of the 17 frames enables the respective anchor point and lets you set a value. Specify a curvature by dragging to the left or right of a frame, then up or down. Active frames can be disabled and reset by clicking on the indicator at the bottom of the display.

Mod Selector

The Mod Selector to the lower left lets you choose between 6 CV Mods, each letting you specify a different curve. Select the grey square to the right of Mod 6 to display the curves of all Mods.

Polarity, Invert and Scale

Each of the 6 Mods has its own Polarity and Invert switch, as well as a Scale factor. Use the Mod Selector to display and change the Polarity, Invert and Scale settings for the currently selected mod.

Position Controls

CV values are generated along the specified curves, depending on the Position Controls. Use the Position knob to simply move through the curve. Or trigger a complete cycle (wrapping around at the end) by hitting the Trigger button or by Note Input. The speed of the cycle can be specified with the Speed knob. The Speed can be synced to common Sequencer measures.

Value Display

Use the value display to the bottom right of the interface to check the values you are currently setting in the Interactive Display. Useful for setting up smooth looping curves.

CV Outputs

Flip the rack to find 18 CV outputs in total, 3 for each of the 6 Mods. Using Reason's CV Merger and Splitter, these outputs can be further split or combined.

Scale Options

Positioned at the lower left, the Scale panel allows for CV modulation of the Scale factor for each of the 6 Mods. Moreover, you can use the Note Vel knobs to control the amount of Velocity Scaling of cycles triggered by Note Input.

Position and Trigger CV In

Use the Pos CV In to modulate the Position with a CV signal. Using a CV Gate signal (for example coming from a ReDrum) and the Trig Gate In CV input, you can trigger FrameCV through other Reason devices.

Cycle Completed CV Gate Out

This CV output generates a CV Gate signal whenever a cycle is completed. Use it to transform FrameCV into a powerful, free-form LFO by connecting it to the Trig Gate In CV input. Or chain multiple FrameCV units together to create multistage envelopes and LFOs with infinite possiblities.

1.0 Legacy Mode

This button limits the Position Controls to the first 16 frames. FrameCV features 17 frames since update 1.1. Use this button to restore the expected behaviour when loading Combinator patches created with FrameCV 1.0.